MVR College of Engineeing & Technology
● Approved by AICTE, New Delhi. ●  Permanent Affiliated to JNTUK, Kakinada.
● Affiliated to SBTET, AP. ●  Certified by ISO 9001-2015.
● Accredited by NAAC with A-grade. ● Accredited by NBA CSE.,CIVIL..


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Department of Civil Engineering

Lab Facilities

List of Laboratories Available in Department of Civil Engineering.

1. CADD Lab

2. Concrete Technology Lab

3. Engineering Geology Lab

4. Envirormental Engineering Lab

5. Fluid Mechanics Lab

6. GeoTechnical Engineering Lab


7. Strenght of Meterial Lab

8. Surveying Lab 1

9. Surveying Lab 2

10. Transport Engineering Lab     


List of Major Equipments with Cost.

Name of the Lab
Equipment Detials
Total Cost
Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics Machinery (FM &HM) Lab
Impact of Test Vanes, Teston centrifugal pump, Loss of head Apparatus, Bernoullis Theorem, Flash & Fire point, Pelton wheel, Francis Turbine, Venturi meter, Orifice meter, Mouth Piece Tank and other equipments
Geotechnical Engineering Lab
Casa grande Apparatus, Plastic Limit Set, Core Cutter Apparatus, Sand Replacement Apparatus, CBR Apparatus, Consolidation Apparatus, Direct Shear Test, Vane Shear Test, Hot Oven- small, Hot Oven- large, Electronic Balance, Digital Electronic Balance, Permeability Apparatus and other equipments, Unconfined compression test
Surveying 1
Chain 30mm, Theodilite, Prismatic Compass, Auto Level Geo max, Surveyors Compass, Tape, Total Station R225, Pentax Total Station VN425 and other equipments
Environmental Engineering
PH Meter Digital, Turbidity Meter, Conductivity Meter, B.O.D. Meter, D. O. Meter, C.O.D. Meter, Muffle Furnace, U.V. Visible Spectro Photometer, Jar Test Apparatus and other equipments
Strength of Materials & Concrete Technology
Impact Testing Machine, Compressive Testing Machine, Vicat Apparatus, Electronic Balance - 30Kgs, Vibrating Machine, Deflection of Beam, Brisnell Hardness, Electronic Balance and other equipments
Engineering Geology
Rocks and Minerals and other equipments
Surveying Total Station Lab
Electronic Total Station NTS 352, Electronic Total Station R 425 VN
Transportation Engineering Lab
Aggregate crushing valve apparatus, Marshall stability test, Ductility test, Softening point /ring & ball apparatus, Standard penetration test, Pycnometer bottles (1L), Devals attrition machine, Los angles abrasion machine, Universal soil sample extractor, Sampling out fit, Aggregate impact testing machine, Los angles abrasion machine, Devals attrition machine, Standard penetration test, Marshall stability test, CBR testing equipment, Ductility test, Benkelman beam testing machine
Strength of Material (UTM) Lab
Computerized Digital Universal Testing Machine Capacity 60T (600 kN)
Grand Total


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