MVR College of Engineeing & Technology
    ● Approved by AICTE, New Delhi.    ●  Affiliated to JNTUK, Kakinada.
● Affiliated to SBTET, AP.    ●  Accredited by NBA for B.Tech.(CSE).
● Accredited by NAAC with A-grade.    ●  Certified by ISO 9001-2008.

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Department of Science and Humanities

S&H Faculty


 The Institute has a brilliant team of well-qualified faculty members with vast experience in teaching and research. The Faculty members have been meticulously picked up to impart quality technical education and to inculcate all-round development skills in the students. The faculty members have varied academic background in the fields of Engineering, Technology. Leading Researchers Excellent Teachers A Winning Combination...........

S&H department has full fledged faculty with eminent knowledge on all the subjects.

Sl. No
Name of The Faculty
1 Dr. Ch. Sudheer M.A(Eng), M.Phil, B.L, Ph.D Professor & HOD
2 Dr. N.K.S.P.S Sarma M.Sc, Ph.D (Phy) Professor
3 Dr. Rushi Santhosh Tagoor M.Tech, Ph.D Professor
4 M. Malleswara Rao M.Sc(Phy), M.Phil Asst. Professor
5 Md. Asfareen Sultana M.A(Eng) Asst. Professor
6 Ch. Venkateswarlu M.A Eng) Asst. Professor
7 Y. Gayathri MA Eng) Asst. Professor
8 V. Harishvarudu M.Sc, M.Phil (Maths) Asst. Professor
9 D. Munikumari M.Sc(Maths) Asst. Professor
10 A.V.Anil Kumar M.Sc,BEd (Maths) Asst. Professor
11 M. Vijaya Lakshmi M.Sc(Maths) Asst. Professor
12 A. Naga Lakshmi M.Sc(Maths) Asst. Professor
13 U. Srinivasa Rao M.Sc, M.Phil(Phy) Asst. Professor
14 A. Satyanarayana M.Sc,(M.Phil)(Phy) Asst. Professor
15 Ch. Chandra Sekhar M.Sc(Chem.) Asst. Professor
16 O. Srilakshmi M.Sc(Chem.) Asst. Professor
17 B.K.MD. Bhasheer M.Sc Asst. Professor
18 Ch. Vijay Chandar M.Tech Asst. Professor
19 V. Sruthi M.Tech Asst. Professor
20 K. Naga Vishnu M.Tech Asst. Professor
21 K. Govindaraju M.Tech Asst. Professor
22 B. Maheswari M.Tech Asst. Professor
23 N. Prasanthi M.Tech Asst. Professor
24 S. Suresh MBA Asst. Professor
25 K. Vijaya Kumar M.PEd Asst. Professor
26 A. Ravi Kumar M.Sc,M.Lisc Asst. Professor
27 P. Prasad M.Lisc Asst. Professor
28 S. Manohar M.PEd Asst. Professor


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